Jostle enables a truly digital workspace

Radically better digital workplace technology.

Jostle intranet software

3 keys to a radically better digital workspace:


Communicate & engage.


Collaborate across platforms.


Find people & recognize contributions.

How Jostle enables your digital workspace:


Vibrant news

Easy to publish and beautifully presented to encourage social participation. The go-to network for employees to keep up with what matters in your enterprise - at their desk or on their phone. Our patented TEAMS®technology makes it easy to target the right people by location, division, business unit, etc.

Enterprise-grade chat

DISCUSSIONS is enterprise-grade chat that helps teams get work done. It enables private conversations, confidential team discussions and open enterprise-wide forums to enable a truly digital workplace. Attach files of any type. Employees can join in from their iPhone or iPad.


Comprehensive enterprise-wide search

Our simple search box finds everything (people, teams, expertise, documents, conversations, etc.). Filtered by access permissions, location, etc. Our patented technologies can even find people via nicknames or rough phonetic spellings.

Employee recognition

Everyone likes to be acknowledged. Shout-Outs provide a contagious way for everyone to recognize his or her peers. You can even recognize teams. Then everyone can pile on with a “like”.

“Staff are now taking the time to praise one another and reach out for colleague feedback on topics they never thought to before..”

Benjamin Jackson

Director of Communications

Catch The Fire


Android & iOS apps keep your employees connected

Communicate seamlessly from desktop to phone or tablet with our mobile app. Find and view key documents and video when you need them. Contribute to active team discussions while in transit or away from the office. Read the latest company news or recognize a colleague instantly.

"Having your whole company in the palm of your hand is an extremely powerful tool."

Max Strålin

IT Administrator, Europe

City Self Storage

Launch fast without tying up IT resources

"Jostle has effectively engaged our incredibly dispersed workforce, and created a more connected organization."
Amanda Connolly
Communications Manager

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Jostle’s platform is where everyone connects, communicates, and celebrates at work. It’s the heartbeat of our own company and has helped employees in over 1,000 organizations easily belong and contribute, anywhere, anytime. With industry-leading participation rates, we’re putting the joy into work and the life into organizations. Find out more at