Research survey results:

The impact of remote work on inclusion

Jostle & Dialectic

The full impact of the rapid transition to remote work spurred by the global pandemic is yet to be fully understood. Jostle and Dialectic recently completed a research study to understand how remote work is affecting employee inclusion and connection. We heard from over 400 employees who had transitioned to remote work in the past year without changing employers.

The findings of this survey will help leaders address the barriers to inclusion created or exacerbated by the rapid shift to remote work. Furthermore, the findings can inform actions to create more human-centric organizations that prioritize connected employees and supportive workplace cultures, regardless of where people are located.

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“The clear message from our research is the cost of short term planning is a long term negative impact on human inclusion and connection at work.”
Bev Attfield

Bev Attfield
Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle

What we found


Remote work has created new barriers to workplace inclusion.

Arrows going up and down

Performance has increased while belonging has decreased.

Arrows looping

Managers are more transactional and less supportive.

Adjustment nobs

Process and function are alienating employees.


Sick time is vastly under-utilized and it is hurting people.


Remote work is here to stay despite the downsides.

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About our researchers

Bev Attfield

Bev Attfield
Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle

Bev ensures that Jostle is a workplace where everyone feels included, supported, and engaged at work. Beyond Jostle, Bev pays close attention to the way people engage at work, and is curious about what creates the optimal conditions for individual fulfilment and human-centric workplaces. She's a regular contributor to the Jostle blog and host of the People at Work podcast.

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Dr. Aaron Barth

Dr. Aaron Barth
Founder and President at Dialectic

Aaron has led comprehensive research on unconscious bias and inclusion training. He has a moral interest in making people’s day-to-day lives better through critical thinking and supporting companies with their DE&I strategy. He’s also the founder of Dialectic’s diversity, equity, and inclusion Learning Snippets.

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About the research partnership


Jostle helps leaders build connected organizations so that everyone at work can unite and grow together. We do this with our turnkey employee intranet and our online knowledge communities, both of which help leaders lead. Our approach works: Jostle intranets are the go-to place for our customers’ employees, delivering industry-leading employee participation rates. Since 2009, we’ve helped over 1,000 organizations connect their people.


Dialectic creates inclusive, science-based learning experiences for workplaces. Our work to improve the lives of people at work is guided by our commitment to using the insights and methods of science, and to honouring the voice and experiences of employees. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Aaron Barth, Dialectic creates profound impact for clients large and small—Global 500 companies, small to medium-sized enterprises, public-sector organizations, and non-profits.

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