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How to Build a Strong Digital Workplace Culture

May 20, 2021
9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

image6-1 Maithili Jha

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at ContactMonkey

bev-attfield Bev Attfield

Principal, Workplace Science at Jostle

With remote work, building a strong company culture is harder than ever. Organizations can no longer rely on in-office perks to create an engaging work culture for employees.

Despite this change, a constant is that communication remains a key channel for building a successful digital workplace culture.

We’ll talk about how your digital ecosystem can engage employees with email and intranet.

In this session, we'll cover:
  • What’s changed for internal communications in 2021
  • How leaders should communicate in a remote world
  • How to personalize digital communication
  • Tips for building a unified digital culture
Presenter bio

Maithili Jha

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at ContactMonkey

Maithili is a Digital Marketing Manager at ContactMonkey with a passion for developing research-driven customer insights. Maithili has extensively worked with firms focused on building a more engaged and satisfied workforce. Alongside her B2B marketing experience, this gives her a big-picture perspective on employee engagement and the role of effective internal communication in driving organizational growth. In her free time, Maithili loves learning new skills (the keyboard, most recently), baking, and binge-watching.


Bev Attfield

Principal, Workplace Science at Jostle

Bev ensures that Jostle is a workplace where everyone feels included, supported, and engaged at work. Beyond Jostle, Bev pays close attention to the way people engage at work, and is curious about what creates the optimal conditions for individual fulfilment and human-centric workplaces. She’s a regular contributor to the Jostle blog and host of the People at Work podcast. When Bev’s not in the workplace laboratory, you’ll find her running, trying to meditate, or sharpening her Bananagrams skills.

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