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Establish supporting lines to achieve more goals [video recording]

April 11, 2019
10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

bev-attfield Bev Attfield

Director of Brand, CX, EX at Jostle

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith

CEO, Chief Yoga Officer at SupportingLines Institute

Does your team set goals and then struggle to deliver? You’re not alone. Think of a time that a colleague from another team failed to provide critical support and put your goals at risk. Maybe you missed a goal? Maybe it took a last minute scramble to deliver? This happens all the time.

What would be possible if your team set inspiring goals and firmly established the critical ‘supporting lines’ between teams to achieve them? This can happen when great leaders support their people, and great teams support each other. Sounds simple right? With the framework that Jeff Smith has created with SupportingLines, it actually is.

In this Jostle webinar, Jeff will introduce the SupportingLines framework and provide actionable tips to improve engagement and teamwork in your organization—and achieve more goals along the way.

In this session, participants will learn how to:
  • Understand why mapping supporting lines helps teams increase employee engagement and improve performance
  • Increase focus and alignment in all leadership interactions, team meetings, and 1:1s
  • Use a simple, robust diagnostic to pressure test your organization’s capability for cross-functional collaboration
Presenter bio
Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Founder & CEO of SupportingLines Institute

Jeff has over 20 years experience in sales, finance, people and culture, and operations across multiple industries. Most recently he served as COO for Mobify. Prior to that he led sales for CHC, a $1.6B global helicopter services company. He’s a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered Professional Accountant, and Certified Dharma Yoga Instructor (which earned him the nickname “Chief Yoga Officer”).

Jeff has honed the SupportingLines framework over several years, while helping many teams improve performance and increase engagement. His approach to relationships has generated $8 billion in new revenue and supported the integration of $10 billion in mergers and acquisitions.

When he’s not at work he is passionate about family time, practicing and teaching yoga, hockey coaching, and personal development.

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