Jostle System Admin 102: Views & Permissions

October 27, 2022
10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Sabrina the host Sabrina Roach

Head of Customer Marketing at Jostle

Ana Fendi Jostle Photo (2)-1 Ana Fendikevych

Customer Success Manager at Jostle

Note: This is part two in a two-part series providing Jostle System Administration training. Even though it is not required to attend part one to understand the content in this session, it is highly recommended for new System Administrators. You can watch a recording of part one here.

A lot has changed in the past few years. For many of our customers, that may include new faces on your platform’s System Administration team. We know the how-tos and administration of the Jostle platform are easier to learn with someone to guide you through it; that’s why we held this interactive training session for Jostle System Administrators.

Whether you’re new to Jostle, want a refresher, or joined your company’s Jostle team in a moment of chaos and never had time to schedule training, whatever the reason, this Platform Walkthrough is for you!

Join Ana Fendikevych, Customer Success Manager at Jostle, for this interactive 60-minute session.

In this session, we:
  • Go over each Jostle view and their permissions
  • Highlight the reports available to understand what content is being accessed
  • Answer plenty of your questions
Presenter bio
Ana Fendi Jostle Photo (2)-1

Ana Fendikevych

Customer Success Manager at Jostle

Ana has spent over a year at Jostle developing strong relationships with her customers and helping them evolve their Jostle strategies.

Ana speaks English, Russian, and French, and you can choose any of those languages to chat with her about the best homemade coffee recipes and ultimate chocolate varieties.

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