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How Hawaii State Federal Credit Union successfully engages employees and members

HSFCU facts

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union headquartered in Honolulu. HSFCU is the largest credit union in Hawaii, with 260 employees serving over 90,000 members from 9 branches.


After 75 years of successful growth, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union (HSFCU) had more employees serving more members than ever before, but those employees had become increasingly disconnected. This was having a negative impact on the business and their members’ experience.

After a 360-degree review of their culture and brand with members and staff, HSFCU knew they needed to:

  1. Connect their people
  2. Streamline communication
  3. Improve corporate culture
  4. Be more transparent
  5. Show employees more recognition


As they united around a new tagline— “Always right by you.”— HSFCU realized that technology in the form of a modern internal communications platform could help them achieve these business objectives. Their existing SharePoint intranet didn’t support any dialog, wasn’t widely used, and was often out of date.

After finding the Jostle® intranet, they swiftly launched the platform in October 2014, and haven’t looked back. The platform is providing a space for their company culture to thrive and grow. It’s helping them bring people closer together and develop a vision for the next phase of their growth.

Leadership also have an easy way to reach everyone with important company news, recognize excellent work, and gather feedback. Most importantly, the new intranet is helping them live their brand promise to their employees, and helps them keep that same promise to their members.

“The Jostle intranet has provided us with a fun and engaging way to share news, connect employees, and most importantly celebrate and recognize achievements like we have never been able to do before.”
Allison M.C. Maertens, Marketing Director

Allison M.C. Maertens
Marketing Director


It wasn’t long after launching the Jostle intranet that all HSFCU employees were using the intranet regularly and enthusiastically. The platform is clearly working well for them – they’ve achieved consistent and high levels of engagement (over 90%) throughout the last three years.

In fact, this credit union’s employee engagement levels are among the highest of all Jostle customers. Their weekly participation is in the top 10%! They’re also publishing an average of almost two NEWS Articles per day. This means employees are successfully sharing stories, departmental updates, and more, on a daily basis.

HSFCU’s new Jostle intranet

HSFCU’s new Jostle intranet is helping realize their employee communication goals and more

HSFCU have also found their answer to recognizing good work and streamlining communication: they’re in the top 20% of customers using the Shout-Out feature to transparently recognize each other, and they’re in the top 30% of customers using Discussions. They’re successfully getting out of the mess of email and using Discussions to chat one-on-one or in teams.

If you’d like to learn more about how HSFCU is using the Jostle intranet to find success, check out the full case study hereWe've also got some great videos that HSFCU created to promote the launch of their Jostle intranet.

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