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Behavioural intelligence: what you really need to excel at work

July 11, 2019
10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

bev-attfield Bev Attfield

Director of Brand, CX, EX at Jostle

Jim Sellner Dr. Jim Sellner

EVP, People Analytics & Talent at Vivo Team

Research continues to support the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. For example, we know that increased EQ helps people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time.

But there’s another form of intelligence that’s even more critical for individual and organizational performance. It’s called behavioural intelligence. It’s about knowing which behaviours create the most favourable outcomes with people and situations.

EQ and behavioural intelligence go hand in hand. In this webinar, Dr. Jim Sellner will help us understand this connection, and teach practical skills for becoming more behaviourally intelligent by increasing EQ in the workplace.

In this session, participants will:
  • Understand the link between EQ and behavioural intelligence
  • Discover why behavioral intelligence is more important than IQ
  • Learn a model for increasing team and personal behavioural intelligence
Presenter bio
Jim Sellner

Dr. Jim Sellner

EVP, People Analytics & Talent at Vivo Team

Dr. Jim Sellner, Ph.D., EVP, People Analytics & Talent at Vivo Team is THE source for people behavioral analytics. Jim has 40+ years’ experience developing people. He is a respected thought-leader, author and speaker and his unique psychological/behavioral perspective provides Vivo Team with a solid, practical philosophy.

Jim is also training for the Senior Games in Kelowna in Sept for the 50 and 100M dashes.

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